Get Married at a Train Station!

Did you read the title and think Happy Shappy had gone a little loco(motive)? We’re definitely crazy over here – crazy for quirky weddings that is! And the newest unique venue we’ve discovered will soon give you a train station wedding!

If you’ve seen DDLJ a dozen times (or more, no judgement), you’re acutely aware of the romantic potential of a railway platform. And now, your reel-life vision can become your real life wedding!

Pic Courtesy: Yash Raj Films

The zoning offices of the Indian Railways have been tasked with prepping and preening their stations to create clean spaces with good ambiance that can be rented out for wedding celebrations. From the smallest towns, to major cities – so long as a train isn’t scheduled to be making a stop there at a certain time, you can rent out the platform for a party that’s totally different from all others.

Once these stations have been gussied up, done up and decorated, they’re going to be an awesome venue to host your train station wedding. One we’re most excited about is the Sardarjung station in one of New Delhi’s poshest locales. With its sprawling spaces, and the lovely National Rail Museum nearby, it’ll be a great place to get your wedding planning on track (get it? Track? He he)

Pic Courtesy: Travelmail

So if you’ve got a wedding coming up, don’t lose steam (ok we’ll stop with these terrible puns…but only at the next station). Hop onto or drop us a line – let’s get your venue booking on track!

Psst: For inspiration on how incredible your photographs at a train station can be, check out these gorgeous pictures by Happy Flashbacks by Noopur & Anish!

Pic Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks by Noopur & Anish
Pic Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks by Noopur & Anish

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